We support you in this process !

Nowadays, cybercrime is rampant everywhere and also in Africa. In order to protect your assets and your competitiveness in the current context of digitalization, it is important for any company to have an IT partner at its side who masters IT security.

EGIT-SOLUTIONS is dedicated to contributing to the stability of your company by protecting your most valuable information through its IT security experts. With our help you would be able to understand how to adopt IT security solutions both for your existing information technologies and from the design phase of your projects.

With us you protect the integrity of your systems and your computer data against attacks, damage or unauthorized access.

1. Penetration test

EGIT-Solutions offers you penetrations tests
to test your computer systems, your networks or web applications, in order to detect vulnerabilities and find ways and means to reduce the risk of attack... There are various intrusion tests, internal, external, systems or applications...

2. IT audit

An audit is an in-depth analysis of your IT systems.
EGIT-SOLUTIONS offers you a component security audit:

  • the definition of strategic audit objectives
  • the analysis of physical infrastructure, system, network and organisation (the existing)
  • performing penetration tests (external and internal) and vulnerabilities
  • the provision of a recommendation and action plan to correct deficiencies and minimize risks